Clicking the alerts icon displays any previously generated alerts created by the system. The menu also displays the number of alert messages. More information about the type of alerts available in the TrackMyRide system may be found in the help topic "Configuring Alerts" elsewhere in this user manual.



The system will display the alerts in a pop over as shown in the figure below.


To clear the existing alerts, click the Clear All button. This removes the alerts from the system and the database. Once the alerts are cleared it is not possible to recover them.


Each alert is shown in a separate group that displays the device icon, the date and time of the alert and text representing the type of alert.


If an e-mail or SMS (text message) alert contact had been configured at the time of the alert an e-mail or text message would have been sent to the contact as well. View the help article "Alert Contacts" for more information on configuring alert contacts.