This refers to the feature of the TrackMyRide application that allows users to automatically follow a device no matter where the device is or how it moves across the map. Without Autotrack, the device may move off the side of the map and it is being tracked. The user would have to manually scroll the map left, right, up or down to keep the device on the map as it moved.


With the Autotrack feature, the device will stay centered on the map at all times and as the device moves, the map will update automatically always keeping the device being tracked in the center of the map page. The zoom level has no effect on the Autotrack feature.


NOTE! - Autotrack may only be used on one device at a time per user account. Different users that are tracking the same devices may use the Autotrack feature for different devices under different accounts.


To turn Autotrack on click the small map pin in the device's information tab as shown in the following figure.



Once Autotrack is turned on the icon will change to a red color and the map will automatically become centered on the device.



The Autotrack feature will stay on until the user performs one of the following actions:


Turns Autotrack off by clicking the icon

Refreshes the web page

Logs off

Navigates away from the map page

Turns Autotrack on for a different device.