Starting in version 1.6, a chat function was added to the TrackMyRide application. The chat function allows users to connect to a chat room where other users may be logged in, and have a round-table conversion with the users in the chat room.


Chat is only available to commercial TMR user accounts.


To access the chat function, click the chat icon as shown in the figure below.



A new window will be launched and the user will automatically be logged in to the chat room.



To send a message to the other users in the chat room, type the message in the text box at the bottom of the chat window and either click the Send button or press the Enter key.


All users currently logged in to the chat room will be displayed. The logged in user account will not be displayed in the user's chat window although it will appear in other user's chat windows.


The message will be sent to all the other users currently logged in to the chat room and instantly be displayed in their chat windows.


Text that the user types will be displayed in italics. Text the other users type will be displayed with their profile icon, day and time and user name as shown in the figure below.



As the users enter messages, they will be automatically displayed. If too many messages are entered and the existing window cannot hold them all, a vertical scroll bar will be displayed along the right-side of the chat window. The window will automatically scroll to the bottom in order to display the latest messages. The user may scroll up to view previous messages if desired.


When the user wishes to leave the chat room the user should click the Close Chat Window icon to log out. Failure to log out properly may leave your chat session in progress and incorrectly display your status to other users.