Device Info


By clicking the Device Info icon, the system will redirect the user to the device information details page.



The Device Information details page displays detailed information about the device as shown in the figure below.


This page displays a wealth of information about the device and allows the user to delete the device from their account.


The table below details the information contained on the Device Info details page.




Date Created

The date that the device was originally added to the system

User Account

The user account to which the device belongs

Last Heard

The date and time that the device last reported its position


The transport layer protocol used by the device to report its position

TCP/UDP Port Number

The port used by the device to report its position to the server. TCP devices almost always use port 80. UDP devices are assigned a unique port

Number of Reports

The number of times that the device has reported its position to the server since the device's creation

Device Type

The device icon


This check box is checked if the device is active and can be tracked. If the check box is not checked the server is no longer accepting reports for the device.

Last Position

The last reported latitude and longitude


The magnetic heading of the device during its last report


The last reported speed of the device


The last reported altitude of the device. This information may not be available depending upon the device type and the GPS reporting string used.

Position reports

The right column displays a list displays the last 15 position reports. The user may page through the position reports by clicking any of the page numbers at the bottom of the position reports grid.