If the user of the TrackMyRide systems wishes to allow a non-TrackMyRide user to track a device's location, the user may send an e-mail message to any user with a link that will allow the recipient the ability to track the device specified for a predetermined time period.



When clicked, the Email feature will display the Share by E-mail pop up. From here the user may select the time period over which the recipient will be able to track the selected device.



Duration choices are:


1 hour

2 hours

5 hours

10 hours

24 hours


After the specified time interval, the recipient will no longer be able to track the device unless the user sends a new e-mail tracking link. The only requirements for the recipient are a compatible web browser, mobile, desktop or tablet and an active Internet connection.


The user may specify any valid e-mail address as the recipient. If the user does not enter a subject the default subject shown in the Subject text box will be used. For Spam filtering purposes, it is recommend that a subject line be included.


Click the Send E-mail button to forward the tracking link to the user. Click the Cancel button to cancel the forwarding of the link and return to the underlying page.


NOTE! Recipients will not be able to make modifications to the user devices or use any of the advanced features of the system. They will be presented with only a map and the ability to track the device over the specified time period.