Locate Address


To assist the user in locating an address, the Address Finder feature is available. From the menu bar, the user may click the Locate Address icon (shown below) to display the Address Finder text box.



The user may enter the address to be located in the text box. Any address format allowed by Google Maps may be entered. A complete or partial address or even an intersection may be entered.



Once the address has been entered, the user must click the Locate button to find the address. If the address can be located a map pin will be displayed on the map as shown in the figure below.



By clicking the map pin, an information display pop over will be displayed.



The information display pop over displays the address entered by the user and allows the user to select an account device to track from. Once the user selects an account device and clicks the Display Track Info button, a new panel will open and display the navigational information relative to the device selected.



The navigation panel displays the following information as it relates to the device selected.


Address - The address entered by the user

Lat/Lon - The latitude and longitude where the address is located

Heading - The heading or compass direction the device should travel to navigate to the map pin (does not take into account roads and is a direct heading)

Bearing - The reciprocal of the heading, or the compass direction the map pin is from the selected device.

Speed - The selected devices current speed

ETA - Estimated time of arrival - Based on the devices current speed and distance, at what time and date the device should arrive at the map pin (will display 1/1/1900 12:00:00 if the device is not in motion)

ETE - How many minutes it will take for the device to reach the map pin (will display 0 minutes) if the device is not in motion

Send To - Allows the user to send the map pin and navigation information to a user account. This will cause the navigation panel to be displayed to the user(s) selected to assist them in navigating to the map pin. The user must click the Send button to forward the location to the selected user(s).


The user may close the navigation panel at any time by clicking the close icon at the top right of the panel.