Panic Alert Settings


Certain device types, including the TrackMyRide iPhone and Android applications, have panic alert button that allows the user to press and hold the button to trigger the panic function.


After the panic button has been pressed, the system will send a panic alert message to all the user specified in the Panic Alert Settings pop up.



Configure up to five SMS (text message) contacts and five e-mail contacts that will receive an alert when the panic button is clicked.


The user may also configure a specific message (up to 130 characters for SMS messages) and an unlimited number of characters for e-mail alerts. The system will append the latitude and longitude information to the message and embed a Google map within the message to assist the recipient in locating the sender.



Once the panic alert settings have been configured the user must click the OK button to save the changes. If the user wishes to discard the settings, the Cancel button should be clicked.