User Info


This tab display basic account information regarding the user's account. It also allows the user to modify their first, last name and e-mail address. An example of the User Info tab is displayed in the figure below.



The fields displayed in the User Info tab are:


Date Created - The date and time the account was created.

Last Logged in - The last time that the user account was used.

Account Type - Specifies the type of account. Either Free or Commercial.

Maximum Devices - The maximum number of tracking devices that is currently allowed for this account. For more information regarding the maximum number of devices, please visit our web site at

Maximum Number of SMS Alerts - The maximum number of SMS (text messages) allowed per month for this account. Additional SMS alerts may be purchased through your account.

Number of SMS Alerts Sent this Month - The number of SMS (text messages) sent during this calendar month.


Below is a listing of the fields that may be modified by the user.

First Name - The user's first name. Maximum of 50 characters (required).

Last Name - The user's last name. Maximum of 50 characters (required).

E-mail Address - The logon user account name and e-mail address that the user receives e-mail messages. Maximum of 150 characters (required).