Track any device from a customized, personal web interface for free with our Open GPS Tracking system. The system works with several different types of devices, from home-brewed Arduino and Raspberry Pi hardware to software solutions for your smart phone.

Best of all you can design and implement your own hardware/software tracking device and display your data on our Open GPS Tracking web site at no charge.

Commerical Accounts

Commercial accounts are also available for users with multiple users and more than 3 devices. These accounts also have access to reports and statistics regarding their devices, and geo-fencing options among other advanced features. View a full comparison of account types here.

Once you've registered your device(s) you will able to view them on a Google Map overlay with our easy to use and navigate web site.

View the current location of your device or show any time period. You can display statistics regarding your device such as altitude, speed, heading, latitude and longitude.

Not only will be able to see where your device is currently located but you can also display a track of where your device has been for up to the past 24 hours.

Currently we support several hardware devices including commercially available devices as well as homemade devices such as Arduino as well as strictly software programs that can report in to our server. If you have a device that isn't currently on our list let us know and we will see if it can be added.


We are an open source, free device tracking website. Track anything, anytime, anywhere. If you have an application that is connected to the Internet you can track it with our software.

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