The goal of TrackMyRide is to provide free, open-source tracking of any GPS and Internet connected device at little or no cost. Our solution was developed to enable everyone from hobbyists to commercial developers to have a quality, full-service web portal that allows them to track their devices no matter the type.

Arduino Mega
Raspberry Pi


One of the problems with existing commercially available tracking platforms is that they require you purchase or lease the equipment from the provider that runs the tracking service. While this provides tight integration of the hardware and software, it also restricts the expandability of the application and accessibility of data. In most instances it is difficult, if not impossible to connect the tracking system with anything else.

Another disadvantage is that you are tied to a specific system without the possibility to move your hardware to another provider. It is akin to purchasing a cellphone and being told that you can only use it with a single provider. solves that issue by allowing any device to connect. You can use our web portal to track your devices or have us write a customized application to do whatever you need.

With our commercial product, TrackMyRide captures your tracking data and can also provide a real-time interface using web services, direct SQL server access, or messaging services to enable you to use your tracking data in other third-party applications. If you need a complete solution, we also offer CRM (Customer Resource Management) solutions that allow you to use your tracking data in our application. More information about our CRM solution is available here.

Pepwave BR1 3G/4G router

Pepwave BR1 4G Router

Our system also supports commercial products, such as the Pepwave BR1 router. These routers are commercial/industrial devices that provide GPS location and Internet access for public service, limos and other commercial vehicles that require high-speed and reliable data connectivity services. Find out more or purchase one from the 3G store.

If you already have one and want to configure it to report it position to check out this article.


We are an open source, free device tracking website. Track anything, anytime, anywhere. If you have an application that is connected to the Internet you can track it with our software.

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