Currently, offers two different types of accounts; free or commercial. Free account holders receive most of the benefits and features of the site with certain exceptions. Commercial account holders are able to take advantage of all of the features of the site with very few restrictions.

Below is a table that describes the differences and restrictions or limitations between teh different account types.

Feature Free Commercial
# of device included Max of 3 Unlimited. $19.95 per device per month
Logins per Account 1 Unlimited. No cost for additional logins
Data Retention Policy 48 hours Up to six months
Position data download N/A Export to CSV or Excel
Exporting of tracking data N/A Yes
Max SMS (text message alerts) per month 10 free. Additional available at additional cost 100 free
Max e-mail alerts per month 100 free. Additional available at additional cost Unlimited
Max number of alert contacts 5 e-mail or SMS Unlimited
Moving Alerts Included Included
Speed Exceed Alerts Included Included
Idle Time Alerts N/A Included
Altitude Alerts N/A Included
Unauthorized Vehicle Usage N/A Included
Panic Alert Included Included
Geofencing N/A Up to two geofences per device
API Access N/A Included
Activity reports N/A Included
Live chat N/A Included
Support E-mail only E-mail and chat priority support
Dispatch Function N/A Included
Hardware Devices Any Any
Software Programs Any Any
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