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Our goal at TRACKMYRIDE is to provide anyone with a free, full-featured, device tracking mechanism. Position data and routers traveled by registered stations are shown on an interactive map which can be zoomed and panned easily. Data is shown on the map in real time without the need for the user to reload or refresh the page. Tracking data is stored in the database for up to six months*

Guided tour of setting up a free TrackMyRide account.

TRACKMYRIDE offers two types of accounts; free and paid accounts. Free accounts are available for anyone to use but have specific limitations. Paid accounts are for users that need more features, such as advanced reporting options, longer retention periods and the ability to track groups of devices. See our account comparison page for more information.


We are an open source, free device tracking website. Track anything, anytime, anywhere. If you have an application that is connected to the Internet you can track it with our software.

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