Logging In


In order to use the features of the TrackMyRide web site, users are required to have a user account. User accounts uniquely identify the site visitor to the site and allow multiple users to access the site simultaneously.


Each user is required to have their own user account. For security and auditing purposes, visitors may not share user accounts. If the system detects that a user account is being used on more than one device, the account will be disconnected from the first device and only the last visitor using the account will be allowed to continue to access the site.


The TrackMyRide application have two different types of user accounts, free and commercial accounts. Free accounts are limited and may have a maximum of three devices per account. Device information may not be shared between free accounts. Commercial accounts are charged a monthly access fee based on the number of devices controlled by the account. Commercial accounts may share devices and have access to many features not available to free accounts.


A complete comparison of accounts may be found on the TrackMyRide.us web site.


To login to the site the user must navigate to the site with any popular web browser. The examples in this user manual all use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. The application has been tested and works with all major browsers including Internet Explorer (version 11), Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. The application is also mobile friendly and should work with most major mobile browsers.


Navigate to http://www.trackmyride.us and select the Login menu as shown in the figure below.



On the login page, enter your user name and password and click the Login button. If the user name and password you entered is verified you will be logged on and redirected to the map page.


The system checks the number of remaining SMS (text messages) currently left in your account. If the number of SMS messages is less than 20% of the total allowed messages, you will receive an pop up alert message informing you of the status of your SMS messages. You will be given an opportunity to purchase additional SMS messages as shown in the figure below.



More information about SMS messages may be found elsewhere in this user manual.