Setting your account preferences makes using your TrackMyRide account easier and more fun to use. Account preferences allow you to specify settings such as:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your e-mail address
  • The map home latitude and longitude
  • The default zoom level
  • Your preferred unit of measure

The following tutorial shows you how to access and set these parameters for your account.


Start by logging in to your account. If you haven't created an account please follow the instructions in the account setup tutorial. Once you are logged in to your account click the Profile icon as shown in the figure below. In the profile pop over click the your e-mail address.



The profile page contains three sections; User Info, Map Settings, and Order History. The User Info tab displays general information about your account, including the following:

  • Date Created
  • Last Logged in
  • Account Type
  • Maximum Devices
  • Maximum Number of SMS Alerts
  • Number of SMS Alerts Sent this Month
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail Address

The only User Account settings that may be modified are the first and last name and e-mail address. Always make sure that the e-mail address used is valid. We use your address for password reset and account alert messages.

Certain restrictions may apply based on the type of account you have. Compare the differences between free and commercial accounts.


The Map Settings tab displays information about how the map is displayed or used when you login. The parameters that you may modified are:

  • Home Latitude
  • Home Longitude
  • Zoom Level
  • Unit of Measure

In most instances you will set the home latitude and longitude to somewhere near where you live or the majority of your devices are located. If you don't know your coordinates you can check out Stephen Morse's web site and enter an address and receive back your latitude/longitude. uses coordinates in decimal format so be sure to enter the home latitude and longitude correctly.

By default, the zoom level is set to 10. Google maps supports zoom levels from 0 to 19. 0 is the most zoomed out level which will show the entire world on your screen. 19 is the highest zoom level and may show individual buildings depending upon location. We usually recommend something between 10 and 15. Changes to your profile will take effect immediately as soon as you return to the map page or refresh a map oriented page.

Your profile settings will not have any effect on public pages or maps accessed from outside of the TrackMyRide site.


Be sure to click the Save button after making any changes to your account profile settings.


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