Setting up a TrackMyRide account couldn't be easier. For those of you that desire a step-by-step guide on setting up an account, we have created one for you. This page describes the process of creating and confirming a new free TrackMyRide account. Just follow the steps below and you'll have your account up and running in no time.


Start by navigating to the account creation page. Enter your e-mail address and password. All accounts in our system must be in the form of an e-mail address. Your e-mail address must be a valid one in order to confirm your account and for password reset purposes. Passwords must be at least six (6) characters in length.

Only one user account can be created per e-mail address. The system will only allow one user to be logged on to the web interface simultaneously. This means that if you share your account with multiple users or login to your account from multiple devices at the same time you will automatically be disconnected from the site on the other devices. If you wish to share your device tracking data with multiple users please sign up for a commercial account. Commercial accounts may have unlimited users per account. More information regarding commercial accounts can be found here.


Once you enter your e-mail address and password and acknowledge the site terms and conditions a confirmation message will be displayed. The message informs you that your account has been created and a confirmation e-mail message has been sent to the address provided. In most instances you will receive the message instanlty. E-mails will be sent from the address Be sure to check your spam and junk mail folders if you don't see the message in your inbox.

When you receive the confirmation message, click the link contained in the e-mail. This will redirect you to the TrackMyRide server and will confirm that you received the message.

If the e-mail address you are trying to use to establish as new account already exists in the system you will receive an error message as shown in the popup message. Please check the e-mail address you entered, or if you forgot your password use the password recovery feature on the login page to reset your password.


Within a couple of seconds of clicking on link provided, you will be redirected to the account activation page as shown in the figure below. You will not be required to enter any information. Once you click the OK button you will be redirected to the login page.


Enter the user name and password that you used when you created your account in step 1. Click the Login button to authenticate your credentials. Assuming you entered the correct information, the system will log you in and you will be redirected to the map page. Since this is a new account, you will not see any devices on the map. Your next steps should be to configure a device and setup your account preferences.

For information on creating your first device and configuring your account preferences please view the following tutorials


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