Before a device may be used to report its position to TrackMyRide, it must first be registered. Registering a device lets us know that the device is out there and also tells the system how it will be reporting its location.

Device setup is required for any type of reporting system. Hardware devices, such as the Pepwave BR1 Max router, to our Android App to an Arduino or other type of homemade hardware, are all considered devices in the TrackMyRide system. And as such, they must first be configured in your account before any location data may be accepted. Remember, our site is hardware independent, so it doesn't matter what type of hardware you want to use, we will accept your data and display it on our map.

Registering a device is simple and easy. Just give the device a name, tell us how it will be sending data to our server and that's it. View the tutorial below for more information on setting up a device.


Start by logging in to your account. If you haven't created an account please follow the instructions in the account setup tutorial. Once you are logged in to your account click the Add Device button from the map page as shown below.


A pop up message will display prompting you for the following information:

  • Device Name
  • Reporting Protocol
  • Description
  • Device Icon

Enter a device name and choose a reporting protocol for your new device. You may enter an optional description for the device if you wish. You may also select an icon to represent the device on the map. Once you have entered the required information click the Add Device button. Within a couple of minutes an e-mail message will be sent to your registered account e-mail with further instructions on configuring or connecting your device to our system.

If you exceed the maximum number of devices for your account you will receive the following message. Free accounts are limited to a maximum of three (3) devices per account. Commercial accounts may have an unlimited number of devices. See a comparison of free vs. commercial accounts.


If your device was added successfully a message like the one below will be displayed.

Within a couple of minutes you should receive an e-mail message similar to the following to let you know that your device has been added to the system. Contained in the e-mail will be the particulars of the new device. View this tutorial on configuring your device.


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