Unlike a lot of other tracking websites that require you to use their proprietary hardware and software, we don't lock you into a specific hardware/software combination. With TrackMyRide.us you can use whatever hardware device you wish and point it to our servers to report it positional data. Our software is customizable to support reporting of simple tracking data or data of any kind.

We don't sell hardware so we are not invested in a particular platform. Our goal is to make tracking simple, easy and reliable for any type of hardware or software.

Not interested in hardware? Let's say you have a software program that runs on a smartphone or tablet. You can use that application to report you position to TrackMyRide and have it displayed on our map. You are only limited by your imagination.

Supported Devices

Below is a list of supported devices. These devices have been tested and will work with our tracking site.

Pepwave MAX BR1 Router


We are an open source, free device tracking website. Track anything, anytime, anywhere. If you have an application that is connected to the Internet you can track it with our software.

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